NFC for the Fleet


With more fleet companies employing M2M to keep track of vehicles and drivers, the solutions available need to work with a variety of technologies. Fleet-management devices need to be able to grow with the company, providing a way to log more data and transmit it for company use.

One new option is the NFC Driver ID solution from Geotab. With NFC (near-field communication) data can be transmitted by simply holding a key fob near a reader. The Driver ID solution uses an IOX (Input-Output-Expander), which Geotab says allows the device to form various connections and communications with multiple devices, such as GPS and satellite connectivity sources.

With any fleet-management system, the goal is better insight into the status and locations of vehicles and drivers, and this solution allows managers to track driver information no matter what vehicles they use. The key fob transfers the driver’s identification data to the cloud, allowing managers a complete view of driving behavior even if a vehicle is switched among drivers.

Geotab says its GO6 hardware device allows multiple plug-and-play connections, so the NFC Driver ID solution is easy to set up. The solution is available through Geotab’s Authorized Reseller network.

NFC use is growing, and Geotab sees the technology becoming part of more connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Data from ABI Research,, predicts the number of NFC-enabled devices in use will exceed 500 million in 2014. The research firm says OEMs continue to drive the market for NFC.

Geotab is focused on helping fleet companies track their vehicles. In May, the company released a tracking device targeted at the European market called the GO7. It is designed to monitor vehicle location, driving behavior, and fleet health, and it integrates with Geotab’s GPS fleet-management software MyGeotab.

With the new NFC solution, the company is expanding the options for fleet managers. It will be interesting to watch where NFC pops up next.

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