Everyday Objects Become Connected with M2M


The cost of connecting everyday objects, such as appliances, lighting, thermostats, and other consumer electronics, continues to come down, closing the gap between the expenses associated with connected devices and non-connected devices. Does this mean everything will soon be connected with the help of M2M?

M2M technology providers are offering developer kits that will allow manufacturers to connect objects very quickly and affordability. Today, Ayla Networks, www.aylanetworks.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced it has raised funding and unveiling a new platform that will allow manufacturers to create connected devices easily.

The company says the Ayla Platform can turn everyday products into connected devices. The platform includes Wi-Fi modules and IP gateways, Ayla’s cloud service for managing devices, and Ayla application libraries. Ayla has specifically created these components with the intent that manufacturers do not have to write connectivity protocols into devices or code to use the cloud service.

David Friedman, CEO and cofounder, Ayla Networks, says the company is aiming to eliminate the hurdles associated with bringing connected devices to market and has created a business model with key partnerships to deliver on its vision.

Coinciding with this news, Ayla and SINA, www.sina.com, an online media company serving China, have announced the first device to come out of the companies’ collaboration. The SINA Wi-Fi Weather Station feeds location-specific data about temperature and precipitation to a cloud-based service that SINA customers can access through smartphones and other devices.

Ayla is making a big splash in the M2M and connected-devices market, offering manufacturers an easy way to create connected products. Interested in learning more about this announcement and what it will mean for the M2M and connected-devices community? Ayla Networks will be delving into this announcement at a press conference, being held at the Connected World Conference, at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Monday, June 10 at 4 p.m.

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