How to Engage Consumers in Healthcare


Healthcare is a major market for M2M technology, and more frequently these days healthcare solutions are targeting the consumer. Bringing connected healthcare to the consumer requires special strategies, which will be discussed during a panel at the 2013 Connected World Conference titled “Engaging Consumers in Healthcare.”

Moderated by Dr. Kamal Jethwani with the Partners Center for Connected Health,, the panel will explore the many ways consumers today are interacting with connected health solutions, such as apps, home health systems, and clinical platforms. One company on the forefront on these trends is Numera, The company provides an integrated telehealth+telecare platform and custom-branded solutions for a variety of uses. For instance, the Numera Health Hub is a gateway that allows devices to connect, transmitting information to health management applications.

Numera vice president Tony Titus will be on hand to offer insights into the market.  

During the panel, John Shimp of Fitbug,, will be able to talk about the consumer fitness device market. Fitbug offers a variety of fitness devices, including the Air, which allows users to send and view activity data on a smartphone or tablet. The WoW scale uses Bluetooth Smart technology to send user weight data to a personal profile.

Also on the panel will be Sara Cinnamon, cofounder of Abiogenix,, creator of the uBox connected pill dispenser. The uBox works with a smartphone app to keep track of medications and when they should be taken. When it is time to take a medication, a green light will flash on the top of the device. If the medication is not taken, the uBox will start beeping, and eventually a text will be sent to the associated phone.

Cinnamon will discuss the path for taking uBox to consumers. She is responsible for the mechanical design and development of the uBox and has worked on many other inventions, as well as managing marketing and business analysis for Abiogenix.

Research firm Berg Insight,, predicts the number of home health-monitoring systems with integrated communication capabilities will reach 9.4 million connections worldwide by 2017. With so many connected solutions impacting consumers, it’s important to understand how best to engage these customers.

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