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In today’s fast-moving economy, air transportation is vital for both goods and people. New M2M solutions are making sure cargo arrives at its destination on time, and technology is also making it easier for people to transit through an airport and enjoy added convenience during their journey.

When shipping sensitive cargo by air, tracking technology can offer peace of mind to shippers. American Airlines Cargo,, announced it is offering a new one-time use tracking program with OnAsset Intelligence, The program will use the FlightSafe GPS and sensor tracking device for air cargo. The solution will allow shippers to add the device to a shipment to monitor the cargo from origin to destination.

The FlightSafe device monitors temperature, pressure, shock, location, and vibration, and it can be used for both U.S. and international shipments. Customers can access a Web link to view the location and sensor data collected during transit. Providing realtime insight into a package’s location and status will help shippers to manage their supply chains and meet customer expectations.

Airports are also integrating connected technology. At London City Airport,, a new project aims to connect multiple aspects of the facility to the Internet. The airport was awarded a grant from the TSB (Technology Strategy Board) to run an Internet of Things demonstration project. The TSB is a public body that reports to the U.K.’s Dept. for Business, Innovation, and Skills.

As part of the grant, London City Airport will develop an interconnected sensor network and data hub dedicated to managing passenger flow and behavior. One goal is to better interact with passengers during their journey through the airport, including functions such as customer loyalty programs, locating missing passengers, baggage tracking, and gate reminders. Passengers could also be located in case of an emergency. The project is expected to be complete in March 2014.

By tracking cargo and passengers, the air travel industry is providing additional services to customers and enhancing their experience. These solutions provide benefits to both the companies and the end users.

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