M2M and the Era of the App

We find ourselves in the era of the app. Apps may be small and specialized programs, but in recent years they’ve taken the world by storm, if for no other reason than the sheer volume of them. As M2M continues to evolve, and more developers and organizations discover its benefits, more apps that leverage a transfer of data are being created. These days, there’s one for virtually anything you can imagine.

Anyone in the corporate world who doesn’t know about M2M likely will soon, as apps have a great many uses for professionals. AT&T, www.att.com, recently announced the expansion of its relationship with Wipro, www.wipro.com, to implement M2M services across the business world. The partnership calls for Wipro engineers to equip companies with the AT&T M2M Application Platform. With the platform, organizations can develop their own M2M apps using cloud-based data integration. AT&T says the platform increases delivery time and reduces the cost of development and maintenance.

Steve Snyder, vice president and head of Wipro’s media and telecom business innovation team, says the company’s relationship with AT&T will “provide our shared customers with a compelling, end-to-end M2M services and business solution.”

Another group heavily invested in apps is Jawbone, www.jawbone.com. The health and fitness device maker will soon open the platform for its line of UP fitness bracelets to 10 other apps and services, such as MyFitnessPal, www.myfitnesspal.com, MapMyFitness, www.mapmyfitness.com, RunKeeper, www.runkeeper.com and Sleepio, www.sleepio.com. Using data from these sources, Jawbone hopes to turn UP into an all-purpose fitness device. In return, the other apps can use UP’s data for their own purposes.

Brad Kittredge, director of product management at Jawbone, says when a person can pull data from various areas of one’s life, it allows them to see how different areas relate. Thus, their understanding of their life is enriched.

As compelling as these apps are, the question of “What’s next?” always lingers. Those looking to keep their finger on the pulse of M2M need look no further than this year’s Connected World Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. With support from the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Lit San Leandro and the city of Santa Clara, the conference will host an M2M App Challenge June 7-9. Developers will work for 36 hours using platforms from OSIsoft, www.osisoft.com, Aeris Communications, www.aeris.com, ILS Technology, www.ilstechnology.com, ioBridge, www.iobridge.com, and Esri, www.esri.com. Attendees might just be the first to see the next great app.

One might be inclined to say the sky is the limit in terms of M2M apps. But in truth, there may be nothing to contain the potential of M2M. For all we know, there could be no limits.

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