M2M Targets the Enterprise

What are the most important elements of running a business? Increasingly, data is listed up there with things like people and systems as a critical piece of the puzzle. The ideas of Big Data and M2M go hand in hand, with M2M technology collecting and transmitting data from a wide variety of devices and systems. Access to good analytics is crucial as well, because data is often only as good as the way it is put to use.

Executives are looking to integrate data into business processes, and providers are hearing the call for new options. According to a study from IBM, www.ibm.com, for the first time CEOs have identified technology as the most important external aspect impacting their organizations. To meet these needs, IBM recently introduced new products.

The goal of the new offerings is to help organizations connect their existing infrastructures to mobile devices and M2M technologies, says IBM. The centerpiece of IBM’s strategy is the new IBM MessageSight appliance. It’s designed to facilitate management and communication with mobile devices and sensors that are increasingly at work in fields such as transportation, home automation, and smart buildings.

MessageSight is based on MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) technology, which is a protocol for transferring information using M2M systems. IBM says large volumes of data can be processed in near realtime so organizations can make better, faster decisions. The company says MessageSight is capable of supporting one million concurrent sensors or smart devices.

The MessageSight appliance furthers IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, helping to more quickly deal with the large amounts of data being collected from M2M systems. As an example, IBM says automakers could use MessageSight to manage the servicing of cars. Data from many sensors in each vehicle would flow through the system, allowing a dealer to notify an owner if a problem is detected.

IBM is also enhancing offerings such as its Business Process Management and Operational Decision Management solutions to integrate with the IBM MobileFirst portfolio, which allows them to integrate more easily with mobile apps.

Making sense of the data is important to today’s businesses, but so is maintaining security when accessing the information. With more employees using M2M and other sensitive data on a variety of devices, organizations are looking for security solutions.

One new option comes from a partnership between Mocana, www.mocana.com, and VeliQ, www.veliq.com. The two companies announced they will integrate the Mocana Mobile App Protection solution into VeliQ’s mobility Platform as a Service. This will enable enterprise IT departments to secure mobile apps and data quickly, without the need to write code.

The solution will enhance the security of iOS and Android apps, especially in markets such as financial services, healthcare, and government, say the companies. This is especially important in light of BYOD (bring your own device) trends, where employees use personal devices for business purposes. Solutions like the one from Mocana and VeliQ make it easier and safer for employees to access company data on their own devices.

The themes of data and security are on the minds of many executives today, and they will also be discussed during the Connected World Conference. A CIO panel will look into the role of M2M for the enterprise and how data can be put to use. The executives will share strategies for making the most of M2M for today’s business.

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