M2M Partnership Combines Elements of Time and Space


Don’t look now, but we could be entering a new era in which we truly know every detail about our key assets at all times. An innovative new partnership brings together visualization in the form of GIS (geographic information systems) and analysis of realtime information, adding a new dimension to M2M enablement.

This week came the announcement between OSIsoft, www.osisoft.com, which delivers a comprehensive platform called the PI System, and Esri, www.esri.com, one of the most recognizable names in GIS. The PI System helps organizations realize and access both current and historical data related to their operations, and has become a comprehensive platform for a wide range of M2M-based applications.

In fact, the PI System was at the heart of the winning solution from last year’s M2M App Challenge, presented by Connected World magazine, in which two students from Northwestern University developed a unique solution for home management from scratch.

News of this strategic partnership adds another level, aiming to help execute on the vision of realtime GIS. As described by Jack Dangermond, the president of Esri, the combination of his company’s ArcGIS with the PI System presents a unique opportunity for customers to realize where assets are as well as what they are doing. Through the display of current and historical information on a map, it opens up a new world of possibilities for companies across multiple vertical markets.

OSIsoft CEO and Founder Pat Kennedy echoes these sentiments, saying the addition of the geospatial dimension to OSIsoft’s data and events management infrastructure presents some unique opportunities for such applications as smart grid, energy management, clean tech, and transportation.

The two companies have definite synergies, as their technologies both leverage Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

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