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To truly know how a fleet is operating, having access to timely data is key. M2M solutions offer a way to track and monitor fleets of all kinds, from trucks to cars and even heavy equipment. Keeping track of these large assets can supply benefits that go directly to the bottomline.

When it comes to tracking assets, there are many solutions on the market. Cellular connectivity is a popular option for transmitting data from vehicles and equipment to a central location. One maker of heavy equipment, Hyundai Heavy Industry is using a cellular solution for its tracking system.

Hyundai will use a solution from Taeha Mechatronics, www.taeha.co.kr, to track the location of its global assets. Taeha provides its RMS (Remote Monitoring System) solution, which includes the installation of an RMS device into heavy equipment in the field. The device features a control unit, antenna, and integrated GPS that is used to determine the equipment’s location. The device then sends the data to a server in realtime.

To provide connectivity to the TH-RMCU remote management control unit, Taeha is using an M2M communication module from Telit Wireless Solutions, www.telit.com, an M2M technology provider. Telit says the HE910 HSPA+ module can be used in all countries with 3G networks via simple roaming. The module also features a small LGA (land-grid array) form factor, which Telit says makes it beneficial for applications that process high-capacity multimedia data.

Hyundai will use the Taeha system to help prevent theft, as well as monitoring fuel consumption of fleets. The solution has been certified by SK Telecom, www.sktelecom.com, allowing it to be used both locally and globally. The certification, along with the use of a standard-based module from Telit, should make it easier for the solution to be used by global customers.

By keeping tabs on conditions such as location and fuel consumption, fleets are able to increase efficiencies. That was the goal for a solution in use by Frito-Lay, www.fritolay.com, for its fleet. The company uses a telematics system from Geotab to help it discover which vehicles are not meeting goals for idling and out-of-mile routes.

By analyzing data on these metrics, Frito-Lay can reduce fuel use across its fleet. Bob Zimmer of Pepsico/Frito-Lay will be on hand for the 2013 Connected World Conference June 10-13 to provide more details on how his company has successfully implemented fleet management technology.

Whether a fleet is interested in monitoring for location, fuel use, driver behavior, or even to prevent theft, M2M solutions are available to meet those needs. The key is determining what an organization wants to obtain from a solution and finding a system that best fits those requirements.

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