M2M Serves Beverages on St. Patrick’s Day


A new craze is hitting pubs all across the country—self-serve beer and wine stations. As consumers are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, M2M technology will allow some bar patrons to stop spending so much time in lines waiting for beverages and instead grab a drink from a beer station.

At the heart of these beer and wine stations is M2M technology, enabling establishments to dispense beer from units and still maintain responsible drinking standards. Here is how it works: Customers can walk up and pour their own beer with the aid of an RFID (radio-frequency identification)-enabled wristband that can open their tap choice for them and pour what they want.

Innovative Tap Solutions, www.pourmybeer.com, is one company providing such technology. The company’s Mobile Beer Wall has an RFID reader inside the wall that communicates with the RFID wristband that is given to customers. Patrons can either open a tab with a credit card or add a certain dollar amount that is linked to the wristband.

Once the wristband is within an inch of the wall, the client is granted access. Available funds and what has been consumed will be displayed on the screen. Innovative Tap Solutions’ co-owner Declan Duggan says this is how people want to consume beverages, casually and naturally.

Another example comes from iPourIt, www.ipouritinc.com. Also using RFID technology, with this system when a customer initiates a pour, the reader scans the wristband, verifies the account, and checks to make sure the customer hasn’t reached any limits set by the bar.

The tech also adds the exact ounces poured to the customer’s tab. For added value, regulars can also create a profile on the iPourIt Website to see the beers they have poured, find favorite beers at nearby taps, reserve pints ahead of time, and even buy rounds for friends.

Enabled by M2M and RFID, these beer and wine stations will lower the amount of time customers spend waiting in line and will allow bars to provide better service and reduce waste.

As you are visiting your local pub for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, keep an eye out for these beer and wine stations. Chances are they are going to be popping up in more pubs across the country.

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