Samsung Galaxy S 4: How Is It Connected?


As expected, the recent launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 gained much hype in the past few days. In case you missed it, the new device has a larger screen size and battery in a light and slim shape. But how is the new device connected?

The smartphone supports HSPA+42 Mbps and 4G LTE and has “smart” capabilities that will allow you to control the screen based on where you are looking; scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the screen; translate emails and text messages to voice; and turn your phone into a remote control for your home entertainment system.

However, one of the new connected capabilities could have a big impact on the M2M and connected health device market in the future. New functionality on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 turns the smartphone into a full-fledged fitness and health-tracking device, which follows up an app that was launched with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

On the Samsung Galaxy S 4, the combination of the S Health software and sensors built into the device will allow smartphone users to monitor health conditions daily. Users will also be able to check health conditions using a food diary, exercise diary, and sleep monitor. Could this new capability on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 shakeup an already crowded market for fitness and health devices?

The market for connected fitness devices is already set to explode throughout the next few years according to market predictions. ABI Research forecasts the wearable computing device market will grow to 485 million annual device shipments by 2018, with an estimated 61% of the wearable technologies market attributed to sport and activity trackers in 2013.

While companies such as Nike,, and Adidas,, have a stake in the market, mobile handset companies, fitness management services, and tech innovators are also looking to get a hand in the action as well.

With the emergence of the smartphone, many fitness enthusiasts can easily use an app, in combination with the GPS or accelerometer on the device, to track many of the functions related to fitness. Now, with S Health on the Samsung Galaxy S 4, smartphone users can also monitor health conditions related to food, exercise, and sleep.

Will consumers continue to invest in connected fitness and health devices? Or will they turn to their smartphones to monitor and track conditions? Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 certainly will help transform the market.

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