M2M Monitors Cargo

Tracking is important to many businesses, not least of which is the global shipping industry. When dealing with cargo that may travel around the world on its journey from factory to consumer, it pays to have a deep insight into the status of those goods. M2M technology can enable cargo-tracking solutions that save time as well as money. 

Options for tracking cargo are abundant. For example, solutions exist for monitoring cargo in the air, such as Cargo Companion from Southwest Airlines Cargo. The service offers commercial freight customers realtime visibility into the location and environmental status of high-value and time/temperature-sensitive items shipped on Southwest Airlines Cargo.

Recently, Globe Tracker Intl., www.globetracker.com, announced it is combining three of its services into one offering, the Smart Autonomous Asset Solution. The solution features the company’s TDEN (Trade Data Exchange Network) and SAAN (Smart Autonomous Asset Network) along with its Globe Tracker Communications Unit.

The TDEN allows users to securely share supply-chain data from their own databases, behind their own firewalls. The data can be shared with partners on a selective basis, for instance data on a particular package. The data is available through a secure Web portal, and it offers information gained from barcodes and RFID (radio-frequency identification) tagging systems. The user can view information such as where the item is, its route, temperatures it has been exposed to, and which carriers have had the package.

The SAAN provides a variety of realtime data that can also be shared with partners. It can be used to get an in-depth look at cargo, for instance refrigerated containers that may need close temperature monitoring. SAAN uses the Globe Tracker Communications Unit, which is installed on an asset. It’s a piece of hardware that monitors assets such as truck trailers, dry bulk and reefer cargo containers, and railway cars. The device transmits data on the asset’s location, as well as other wireless devices used for monitoring.

Monitoring and tracking cargo can have important implications for reducing loss and theft, as well as making sure a container’s contents are handled properly. All of these benefits can go straight to the bottomline, making cargo monitoring a worthwhile investment.

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