Fitness on Display at CES


Fitness devices are often connected devices these days, as manufacturers help consumers capture data about their workouts. At 2013 Intl. CES, fitness device-makers showed off new versions of popular products.

BodyMedia,, which provides an armband for fitness monitoring, announced the BodyMedia CORE 2. The armband includes four sensors to track fitness parameters, and it’s designed to provide fashion as well. It will offer consumers a choice of interchangeable jewelry-like faceplates, straps, and cuffs. Other options include heart-rate monitoring, Bluetooth Smart Ready technology, and mobile apps.

BodyMedia’s sensors monitor temperature, heat flux, and galvanic skin response as well as including three-axis accelerometer sensors to measure calorie burn, exercise intensity, and sleep patterns. The company says the sensors capture more than 5,000 data points per minute.

Another fitness provider, Fitbit,, announced the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband. The device syncs with Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to connect with more flexibility. The data can sync automatically to the Fitbit dashboard using a mobile device. LEDs on the wristband provide feedback on the user’s fitness progress.

Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to connected fitness, with new wristbands designed to provide both form and function.

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