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New connected cameras are changing the way consumers take and share photographs. One new gadget is focusing on connectivity to show it’s a connected device first and foremost. But if you’re looking for a way to add connectivity to a camera you already own, there are solutions available as well. 

Samsung Telecommunications America,, and AT&T,, are offering the Samsung Galaxy Camera on the AT&T network starting on November 16. The device is not a phone, but a connected camera that allows users to share their images using AT&T 4G mobile Internet connectivity. Galaxy Camera features Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), access to apps from the Google Play market, a 4.8-inch HD LCD screen, and a quad-core 1 GHz processor.

When sharing photos, there’s no need to connect to a computer. Users can upload images to social networking sites and cloud services from anywhere, as well as share them between the camera and a range of Galaxy devices, such as Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

The AllShare Play feature allows the camera to locate Samsung HDTVs, laptops, and other devices on the same Wi-Fi network to instantly share photos and videos. For instance, a photo on the camera can be accessed on the TV screen.

The price for Samsung Galaxy Camera starts at $499.99, and a number of AT&T data plan options are available.

If you already have a camera you like, but wish it were connected, don’t despair. A connected SD card can be a good option. Recently, a new card became available from Transcend Information,, that can add wireless capability to SDHC-compatible (secure digital high capacity) digital cameras. The Wi-Fi SD memory cards work with a Wi-Fi SD app to help users share images using their smartphone or tablet devices.

With the card in Direct Share mode, the camera will communicate with mobile devices once it is powered on. In Internet Mode, the card will connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and personal hotspots. In this mode, users can browse and download images from the card and email them to friends or upload them to social networks.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone device, or a way to connect your existing camera, options are available. It seems device-makers understand consumers are looking for a connected experience when shooting and sharing photos.

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