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As gamers continue to get connected, device makers and service providers around the globe are looking to deliver the experience in new and exciting ways. This week two announcements geared at the gamer world have the market pondering just how connected this segment can become.

With the first announcement, it is a case of Android coming into the home. Of course you have the Android@Home home-automation framework announced in 2011, but there has been little movement on that front as of late. But this is more of a case where Android is in the home. With the announcement of a new cloud-based entertainment device for the home, Motorola Mobility,, is taking the technology to exciting new areas for consumers these days.

This week the company announced it is working with Chinese cable and telecommunications service provider WASU Digital Group to deliver a cloud-based device that allows consumers to access a range of digital content, including TV, movies, games, apps, and more. It is the company’s first Android-powered home broadband device, called the HMC3260, which it is calling a truly converged broadband and TV experience.

The intuitive interface to the device is one of the factors Motorola hopes helps this device stand out. The device features some nice screen real estate, so to speak, with an 18.5-inch LED touchscreen, which will make it nice for viewing this on-demand content. In fact, this could be ideal for the gamer community, which may not be overly satisfied with smaller screens.

Take for instance the PlayStation Vita, which features a 5-inch screen. This device has been met in the market with mixed reviews. In Canada this week Rogers Communications,, announced the 3G PlayStation Vita will be coming to its markets in October. This device creates an experience for users, allowing them to remain connected via 3G rather than just using Wi-Fi, opening up a whole new realm of gaming possibilities. We have seen a similar announcement from AT&T,, on the device.

According to Rogers, as a 3G PlayStation Vita owner, users are able to activate a data package directly from the device using a payment interface that will accept a credit card. Rogers says it will offer two data packages on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract.

At time of launch two data plans will be available through Rogers: The first is a 250MB for $15, 30-day package; the second is a 5GB for $35, 30-day package.
The idea of getting connected in the gaming realm continues to evolve. As more products hit the market and service providers hone their plans and offerings, might we see a whole new gaming experience in the future?

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