Cameras Add Wireless Connectivity


As consumers, we’ve become used to buying phones with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and high-resolution screens. But we may be less accustomed to finding connectivity features integrated into our cameras. That’s changing as major electronics-makers roll out cameras and camcorders designed to help you stay connected.

These days, we want to share our photos quickly. Maybe you want to post photos of your new baby, or perhaps show off your vacation pics—while you are still on vacation. Samsung Electronics America,, recently announced the retail availability of the QF20 SMART Camcorder. It’s designed to bring realtime sharing directly to the camcorder, allowing you to back up videos and send them to friends and family right from the device.

The camera’s touchscreen makes it easy to use, allowing you to share videos to social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Picasa. Just find a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you’re ready to share. If you’re at a hotel or airport where the network may require you to visit a landing page before you can connect to the Wi-Fi network, don’t worry. A new feature on the QF20 provides a login browser so you can gain access. The integrated Samsung TV Link feature also allows the camcorder to wirelessly connect to TVs and Blu-ray players so you can easily share videos with a crowd.

Samsung says the QF20 camcorder is currently available in stores for $349.99.

Cameras are also going wireless. Fujifilm North America,, recently launched the FinePix XP170 digital camera that features rugged durability along with wireless connectivity. The camera allows you to connect to smartphones and tablets and then upload images to the Internet for sharing, all using the Wireless Image Transfer feature.

The camera can be connected to any Android smartphone or tablet, iPhones, and iPads. Just download a free app to the device, then press a button on the digital camera to join the two products together. All the images will transfer to the smartphone or tablet so you can post them on your favorite social networking site.

The XP170 is also ready for extreme conditions. It’s waterproof to 33 feet, shockproof to 6.5 feet, and freezeproof to 14°F. Samsung says the FinePix XP170 will be available in June for $279.95.

With new cameras and camcorders that can go wireless, you may start to rethink always using your phone’s camera to capture your memories.

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