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Today, parents can rely on technology to keep an eye on the kids. One new announcement from CTIA Wireless 2012 aims to improve monitoring of a newborn baby’s vitals and movements. With sensors in pajamas, parents can be alerted via mobile devices about the condition of the infant.

Today, at CTIA Wireless 2012, Rogers Communications,, announced an agreement with Exmovere Holdings Inc.,, where Rogers will provide in exclusivity wireless services to enable Exmovere's patented biosensor infant pajamas, Exmobaby. The new product monitors a newborn baby's ECG, skin temperature, and movement and can transmit alerts to a personal computer, tablet, or mobile device. The new product is expected to be available in Canadian retail outlets later this year.

“Working with Rogers will allow us to provide a meaningful connected experience for parents and childcare workers in Canada,” said David Bychkov, CEO, Exmovere Holdings Inc. “Rogers wireless networks provide a reliable distribution platform for our flagship technology and we're excited to bring the Exmobaby to Canada later this year.”

Through the Rogers Data Alliance and strategic relationships, Rogers works with a range of service providers to deliver seamless and reliable connected experiences to physicians and patients. PositiveID Corp.,, is one of many service providers currently working with Rogers to enable self-monitoring and improve quality of life for people with diabetes across Canada through the iglucose solution. iglucose uses mobile technology to revolutionize the way individuals with diabetes manage their condition through seamlessly communicating data from glucometers to the cloud, enabling glucose readings to be shared in realtime with family members and caregivers. This data is essential for healthcare professionals to identify the effectiveness of treatment therapies.

From checking blood glucose levels, to monitoring the movements of a newborn baby, consumers are increasingly able to monitor their health across a growing variety of devices and services. What most will not know is that in the background, a wireless connection is powering the delivery of crucial information needed to improve the management and monitoring of one's vitals and overall wellness.

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