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Often, even those with bright ideas hit roadblocks when trying to bring a new product, device, or solution to market. Luckily businesses can still reap the benefits of these innovations thanks to the expertise of consulting companies and value-chain partners in the M2M (machine-to-machine) space, which often work behind the scenes to fill the gaps and bring great ideas to fruition.

Twisthink, www.twisthink.com, is one such company that works on many levels to help its clients go beyond the status quo. The Holland, Mich.-based firm helps companies leverage technology to reach true innovation by providing knowledge and expertise in areas it takes to successfully launch an M2M solution—including design, strategy, and technology.

The company works across multiple verticals markets, enabling M2M-type solutions to be developed for industries as sports/fitness, home automation, healthcare, and industrial, among others.

By pairing engineers, business-minded leaders, and brand specialists, the company has concocted an effective blend of talent that has helped realize technologies such as wearable sensing solutions for the elderly, connected asthma inhalers for children, realtime monitoring solutions for swimmers, and wireless occupancy sensors for the home.

TwistHDM, a brainchild and affiliate of Twisthink, is also responsible for LimeLight, a proprietary wireless control solution for parking-garage lighting. The LimeLight wireless control system manages light performance through dimming, light sensing, and motion detection.

Since its launch two years ago, Twisthink says it has deployed “smart” lighting systems in about 20 garages, saving each owner/operator up to 70% on energy costs by embedding intelligence such as two-way communication capabilities and motion-detecting sensors into the system.

The entire configuration is then managed by a remote, Web-enabled software application that automatically monitors light output, energy consumption, and garage activity, the company says.

Firms like Twisthink are looking to engage more and more in M2M as the space, and the opportunities within the space, grow. Whether it’s capturing extreme-sports moments, or helping industrial businesses more effectively manage their time, connected solutions need champions to help bring them to the end-user.

By leveraging the experience of companies that specialize in bringing solutions to market, companies can succeed without having to be an expert in every arena. In turn, consumers and businesses benefit from the best and brightest technology applications that make up our connected world.

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