Getting Your Hands on an Ereader


The market for ereaders has grown substantially in recent years. There have been numerous types of devices launched to market, and while some have gone as fast as they had come, consumers still have a wide selection of ereaders to choose from.

Everyone likes variety. That being said, the more devices available, the better chance consumers have of narrowing down their search to an ereader that meets their specific needs. But this also poses a problem, how to decide which one to buy?

While consumers certainly have the ability to turn to the Web for help where they can browse the Websites of different manufacturers to compare and contrast the specs of each device, they are unable to get a physical feel for each. Best Buy,, is looking to help, allowing consumers to not only compare the features of popular ereaders side-by-side but they also get their hands on each of the devices.

Best Buy recently announced it would be expanding its offering of ereaders with the addition of the Kindle from, The retailer will be stocking its shelves this fall with both the Wi-Fi and the 3G versions of the Kindle and the Kindle DX will be joining the ranks later in the season.

In addition to the Kindle, Best Buy also sells the Touch, Pocket, and Daily Edition readers from Sony,, as well as Barnes & Noble’s,, ereader, the nook.

Consumers who visit Best Buy stores will have the ability to compare physical characteristics of these devices side-by-side by stopping at one of the new end-caps that will be installed at the end of select aisles. In addition to being able to actually get their hands on the ereaders, the end-caps will also provide additional information about the key features for each device.

“Our goal is to help people choose the device that’s right for them by providing the broadest selection of popular ereaders of any retailer, in one convenient place that enables people to easily see, touch, try, and buy,” says Chris Homeister, Best Buy’s senior vice president and general manager of Home Entertainment.

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