There’s an App for That!?

If you own a smartphone, chances are you are up to your elbows in apps by now. With hundreds of thousands of apps available across the multiple platforms—Apple, Android, and BlackBerry—the numbers are seemingly climbing by the minute.

Granted not every app that hits the market is incredibly resourceful, but nonetheless, there are a lot of apps out there that are both innovative and useful. Some of the latest apps to hit the market help us track such things as our pets and our workout routine.

Dogs are animals and animals like to explore. Be that as it may, this type of action can worry a dog owner if their pooch happens to wander a little too far from home on occasion. However, there is an app available designed to put the dog owner’s mind at ease.

Securus Inc.,, (formerly Positioning Animals Worldwide) announced the release of a new app for BlackBerry devices designed to work in conjunction with the company’s SpotLight GPS Pet Locator. The SpotLight device, affixed to the dog’s collar, uses GPS technology as well as AKC CAR (American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery) services to help consumers locate their lost dog.

The application enables consumers to track the location of their dog as well as their own location in realtime right from their BlackBerry. If the dog happens to wander after dark, the smartphone can be used to remotely turn on or off the LED light on the dog’s collar to help locate the dog easier. The BlackBerry app also lets users manage the types of alerts they can receive from the locator and how much battery life is left on the unit.

Another app recently launched to market helps users focus on their fitness training by providing them with a personal coach right on their smartphone. The miCoach app from adidas,, is now available for download on iTunes and BlackBerry App World. Company officials say they are looking at launching it for the Android platform in the near future.

This app is a complimentary product to the connected fitness device, Pacer released by adidas earlier this year. According to company officials, this free app will feature custom workouts for more than just running. Among those noted are tennis and football—in fact NFL running back Reggie Bush is part of an ad campaign with adidas to use the technology to help you run “faster through the line.”

The miCoach app acts as a personal coach by providing users with the ability to create their own customized exercise routines based on their personal fitness levels or sport they are training for. Using the smartphone’s GPS technology, the app can trigger a voice coach to tell the user their current pace.

The app also provides the user with instant feedback on their workout, broken out into maps and graphs, and it can also analyze progress of the workout routine throughout time.

The miCoach app also wirelessly syncs to the Website where all of the workout information is stored to be accessed by the user at any time.

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