Who Tops the Mobile App World?


It’s incredible to think just how fast the market for smartphone apps has grown in such a short period of time. In terms of which platform holds the lead for the number of downloads and overall consumer interest, you must look inside the numbers to get a clear picture.

Some analysts are predicting Apple’s, www.apple.com, days as an app powerhouse may be numbered. Ovum, a division of The Datamonitor Group, www.datamonitor.com, recently released a report on the mobile app market which calls attention to some of the other big players in the space such as BlackBerry, Android, Microsoft, and Symbian, grabbing their share of the market.

Acording to Ovum, despite only holding 14% of the total number of installed smartphones, Apple generated 67% of the total smartphone apps downloaded in 2009. Compared with Symbian, which held 49% of the total base of installed smartphones but only 9% of total app downloads in 2009, Apple had a firm grip on the market last year.

But Ovum predicts Apple will only generate 22% of the total apps downloaded in 2015 while Symbian will increase its share to 19% of the market. The firm predicts the Android platform will pick up speed from 2009-15, bringing the total amount of installed smartphones from 5% up to 18% and increasing its share of total mobile app downloads from 14% to 26%.

While BlackBerry and Microsoft will lose share of the total number of installed smartphones to up-and-comers such as Android, Ovum says the total number of smartphone app downloads generated from BlackBerry will triple and Microsoft’s total will double during the forecast period. According to Michele Mackenzie, principal analyst, Ovum, we can expect to see the number of downloaded apps per platform divided up more evenly moving forward.

“Over the forecast period, other smartphone platforms gain ground and by 2015 the landscape looks very different in terms of market share,” says Mackenzie.

Even though the market for smartphone apps is already in full swing, it looks as though this is only the beginning and only time can tell what happens next.


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