Mapping Out the Market for Modules


On this week’s edition of The Peggy Smedley Show, host Peggy Smedley took an in-depth look at the market for wireless modules from two very different perspectives. The first was from a company just stepping into the space and another from a well-known and established M2M module provider.

Dave Carey, president and CEO, Fusion Wireless,, Solana Beach, Calif., was on the program to talk with Smedley about why Fusion picked now as the best time to enter the space. According to Carey, other companies in the space have recently done some restructuring to their organizations and have lost some talented individuals in the process. This made it easier for Carey to form an “exceptional team” at Fusion Wireless made up of members with 15-20 years experience in the space.

While Fusion is still considered a newcomer to the market, the company is progressing fast. Carey says the company will launch its first product, a CDMA (code division multiple access) module, in June and already has as many as a quarter million modules on order. Carey believes one of the main factors setting Fusion apart from the competition is the company will be selling its modules at a price point which is 30% less than other module providers.

Listeners also heard about the module market from a seasoned veteran when Mike Ueland, vice president and general manager, Telit Wireless Solutions,, Morrisville, N.C., joined the show. Ueland says one of the most significant changes he has seen in the market since Telit first entered the space back in the early 2000s is the commitment from the cellular carriers.

According to Ueland, the carriers have completely changed their outlook on the M2M space, with new pricing models specifically designed for M2M products and by making it easier and faster to get such devices certified on their network. This bodes well for module companies like Telit who are always asking themselves “how do we make it easy for [customers] to design, develop, and launch M2M and connected devices?”

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