Webinar on the Evolving M2M Industry

The M2M/Internet of Things market is changing fast. You must change with it if you want to stay competitive. There are many opportunities for companies that look to the future with an open eye and see the glass half full versus half empty. That is why Aeris is offering a Webinar to address many of the topics that might be keeping you up at night when it comes to understanding the future of this rapidly changing marketplace.

aeris_webinar_speakerSyed Hosain
Aeris Communications

Mr. Hosain is responsible for the architecture and future direction of Aeris' networks, development programs, and technology strategy. He joined Aeris in 1996 as Vice President, Engineering and member of the founding executive team of Aeris. Mr. Hosain has over 32 years' experience in the semiconductor, computer, and telecommunications industries, including product development, architecture design, and technical management. Prior to joining Aeris, he held senior engineering and management positions at Analog Devices, Cypress Semiconductor, CAD National, and ESS Technology. Mr. Hosain is Chairman of the IFAST (International Forum on ANSI-41 Standards Technology) and represents Aeris at the CDG (CDMA Development Group). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.

Peggy Smedley
editorial director
Connected World magazine

Eye, Wrist, Body… Where Is the Wearables Market Headed?

This Webinar will focus on wearables for the healthcare industry and where we see the greatest short-term adoption. Healthcare is growing at unprecedented levels and health professionals need to stay educated about all the latest technological innovations. How will these wearables fit in and do they really have a place in our health and fitness?

If there's one thing for sure moderator Peggy Smedley will get the answers you need. All you have to do is give her the questions you want answered!

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June/July 2014
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