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Put our winning coverage to work for you with our reprint options. The editorial from Connected World magazine can help maximize your marketing efforts.


Choose the best option for your company. Specialty Publishing Co. provides Web and hard-copy reprints.

The rights for a Web reprint includes:
  • Unlimited rights to post a PDF version on your Website
  • Unlimited rights to distribute a PDF version via email, CD, or other means
  • The ability to print and distribute high-resolution hard copies of the article chosen
Printed Copies Information:
  • A minimum of 100 copies is required for all orders
  • Prices vary based on quantity, article length, and customization options
  • Delivery time is typically 2-3 weeks from the order date, with rush order options available

Customize Your Reprint!
Connected World has multiple options available so that your order can be tailored to meet your needs. We can:

  • Include your company logo or information banners on the reprint cover
  • Add the contact information for your company, staff, or departments
  • Highlight information appearing in table, charts, or article text
  • Shrink-wrap, hole-punch, or specially package your order
  • Ship your completed order to multiple locations

Place Your Order Today
To place an order, request a price quote, or learn more about the reprint options available at Specialty Publishing Co., please contact Michelle Mayer in our reprint department at or by phone at +1 630.933.0844 ext. 246.

Single/Back Issues Order Form

Individual back issues are $5.00 each + shipping.

Please fill in the online form to place your back issue order. When your request is received, a member of the circulation team will contact you to verify your order and obtain payment information. If you are not certain as to which back issue you would like to purchase please contact the Circulation Department at +1 630.933.0844 and we will provide assistance.

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June/July 2014
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