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Connected World Issue June/July 2014
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Price: $549.99
Manufacturer: pomdevices
Average Rating: Not Rated

For many senior citizens, the goal is to age in place for as long as possible. However, living independently can be a stressful concept for both the senior and the family. Connected products such as SonambaPro, the second-generation device from pomdevices, can alleviate stress.


Sonamba is a wellbeing-status monitor and medical-alert system that consists of a 7-inch LCD touchscreen that tracks motion and sound activity in the senior’s home and compares it with historic activity. Using built-in cellular technology powered by Telit Wireless, the device sends occasional status updates to caregivers’ cellphones. If activity levels are within the predefined range considered normal, the message will say “all is well.” If there is an anomaly, the message will indicate “attention needed.”


New to the SonambaPro is its ability to connect with an array of health-monitoring devices that can monitor vitals such as weight, blood pressure, and blood-glucose levels, among others. The connected system also offers medication reminders to help make sure the senior citizens remembers to take prescribed medications.


Family members can download the free Sonamba for iPhone app to check the wellbeing of their loved one. Motion and sound sensors have a range of up to 100 feet, but additional sensors can be purchased to extend the system into other rooms.


Because the device looks (and acts) like a digital photo frame, seniors will not feel embarrassed to keep the device sitting out in plain view. SonambaPro even offers some basic social-networking-like tools to help seniors stay in touch.


Panic Button: SonambaPro also offers a panic button that can be worn as a pendant or wristband, or affixed to a wall. If ever needed, the senior can press the button to reach up to three caregivers, 911, and/or a 24/7 call center. The system will even relay the senior’s location to emergency-response personnel, which can be life saving in the event of a fall or other emergency.

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