Connected World Conference University and Incubator Startup Competition Winners Announced

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Chicago, IL February 18, 2014: PARKNAV (formerly known as Faspark), GIMMEANOTHER, LLC, and WellCar, University of Kansas, were all winners in the 2014 Connected World magazine Startup Competition conducted at Connected World Conference held within the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Each of these companies will be featured in the April/May 2014 issue of Connected World magazine.

Startups located in incubators and universities competed to enter the competition and were given space in the Connected World Conference to display their technologies to the general public.

“This startup competition is a platform for creative ideas looking to gain some traction in a booming marketplace. With connected technology, anything really is possible, and each of the participating incubators and universities is proof of that,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “The sky is the limit for each of these winners. You never know, we might have gotten an early look at the next Steve Jobs.”

The competition was open specifically to companies working on technologies involving any type of data collection or remote operations. These technologies included monitoring and tracking devices, drone technologies, monitoring and control apps for home, fitness, healthcare, security, vehicle technologies, supply-chain technologies, or remote manufacturing technologies.

The following incubators participated in the competition: Crowdnoize LLC, Chicago, Ill.; Deconstruction Inc., Baltimore, Md.; GIMMEANOTHER, LLC, Chicago, Ill.;, San Francisco, Calif. and Chicago, Ill.; PARKNAV, Chicago, Ill.; WYR (what you rave), Chicago, Ill. Additional incubators were slated to present, but were not able to attend due to storms on the east coast.

Incubator Winners
PARKNAV (formerly known as Faspark), Chicago, Ill.


The following university programs participated in the competition: Strados, Illinois Institute of Technology; WellCar, University of Kansas.

University Winner
WellCar, University of Kansas

The judges for the two competitions were as follows:
Niclas Andersson, Director Sales North America, Deutsche Telekom
Ron Kirschner, President, Heartland Angels
Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director, Connected World magazine
Guy Turner, Managing Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners
Marjorie Vermillion, Business Development Manager, T-Mobile

About the Connected World Conference:
The Connected World Conference is the window into the emerging technology trends shaping the future of connected devices. The conference is a destination for everyone interested in learning, sharing, and presenting their ideas and visions about the future of our digital lifestyle, connecting to our vehicles, our homes, our energy, our apps, and our health/fitness. This event gives attendees a chance to explore the strategic shifts that new technologies will have now and into the future.


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