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Via Fratelli Solari 3/a
33020 Amaro
+39 (0)4 33 48 54 11
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Company Description:

Eurotech’s roots in M2M come from the device side, active in markets such as telemetry and SCADA long before there was an all-encompassing term like ‘M2M’ under which they could all fall. But today the company provides so much more from start to finish that you can consider this Italian-based company an essential partner for the long run.

For years Eurotech would work with companies on the device, but found the challenge was in helping them to get value out of the data from these devices. So the company extended its strategy.

At the core of this strategy is ESF (Everyware Software Framework), which places a layer between the operating system and the customer application. Containing standard interfaces, simplified coding, and software that can be ported from one hardware platform to another, what Eurotech has created with ESF is a foundational framework that handles the tasks that can bog down development.

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