And the Connected World Award Winners Are…
Apr/May 2014
Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director

Audi, Lowe's, Rand McNally, First Alarm, and Delphi Automotive. These are just a few of the innovative companies considered technology leaders in their field. That's right. The Connected World Awards have come and gone and oh what a night. It was a magical evening for the 29 companies that took home gold and silver awards. This was the first time in the awards 10-year history that the judges did not honor any company with a bronze award. It was only the smallest of margins that separated the silver and gold winners as they stepped up to the podium waiting in anticipation wondering would they even be honored at all.

The competition proved to be the most competitive, (previously it was known as the M2M Value Chain Awards) as the magazine received an unprecedented number of entries. While it might have been the fiercest it was certainly the most impressive breadth and depth of solutions and vertical applications.

Winners were chosen based on innovation, competitive advantage, and value to the markets they serve. By pushing connectivity to its limits, all of these firms have been able to quantify the value of their technology. Being able to calculate the ROI (return-on-investment) of technology is a big requirement for any company especially considering today's economic climate. Achieving significant ROI is no small feat, and in many instances, is what separates a good company from an award-winning company.

All of these winning companies had a little bit of help from their technology software and hardware providers. In many cases, the vendors contributed to the software implementation and network connectivity, and many providers continue to play an enabling role—especially with more firms putting technology in the cloud.

Winners were announced during an awards celebration in mid-February in Chicago. As the market continues to grow we have seen a number of applications that prove M2M is a burgeoning market. Our congratulations once again go out to all of this year's winners.




To read more about the 2014 Connected World Award winners, please pick up a copy of the April/May 2014 issue of Connected World magazine in print or by downloading the app. Just search for Connected World in the iTunes Store or in Google Play.

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