Vodafone Delivers Consistent Customer Experience for Global Businesses
Aug/Sept 2013

Consistent customer experience. It is the one thing companies need to ensure can ultimately translate on a global scale when doing business. Regardless of language barriers, cultural differences, or geographic challenges, organizations that are successful in the global delivery of services are able to effectively provide the customer experience in a consistent manner, anywhere in the world.

Achieving such, however, is often easier said than done. Given the growing expectations associated with taking products and services global, the old way of doing business simply won’t suffice in this new connected world. Businesses, no matter what the industry, that can most aptly adapt will be in a prime position to succeed.

“If you want to sell your product globally, whether it’s healthcare equipment or devices, consumer electronics, or a bulldozer, a connected service lets you deliver a high-value, closely managed, consistent customer experience.” These are the words of Andrew Morawski, Vodafone’s head of M2M in the Americas, a man who has deep roots helping companies deliver on the globalization of products and services. And if experience tells him anything about the future, it is that companies must prepare to address such challenges differently than in the past.

“In the old days you could deliver services locally through a hands-on approach,” Morawski says. “But that simply doesn’t scale in a cost-efficient manner when deploying your product globally. Globalization also means that customers expect the same level of service and capabilities whether they are using a product in China, Mexico, or London. A global M2M (machine-to-machine) connected service can reliably make that desire a reality.”

Joining Vodafone following the acquisition of Cable&Wireless Worldwide in 2012, Morawski is now responsible for leading Vodafone’s M2M sales, strategy, and operational initiatives in North America and South America. With a clear focus on the application of technologies that enable creative new business models in both established and emerging markets, Morawski believes M2M brings significant advantage to enterprises as they look to develop new revenue streams. Whether that is localized to the Americas region or worldwide on a multinational scale, it all comes back to that little thing called consistency.

“Given improvements in networks, standards-based access, and the reductions in cost and abundance of connectivity solutions driven by global adoption, the level of ROI (return on investment) is compelling for companies to consider how to effectively leverage M2M in the collection of less critical data across a wider variety of operational elements, to help them make better business decisions and improve operational consistency,” he adds. “From safety and security, to environmental control/monitoring, to simple tracking of assets, M2M is a cost-effective way for businesses to understand what’s going onwith that ‘thing’ and to use the information to build value.”

Morawski knows a thing or two about creating compelling business units that serve customers on a global basis. Coming from the fixed line WAN (wide-area network) space, he has worked with both multinational corporations and carriers on developing solutions and partnerships, which enable businesses to operate more effectively. This experience, in many ways, has been a precursor of sorts, allowing him to take on the challenges that lay ahead for the enablement of that consistent customer experience via M2M.

“I think (the experience) is very similar to what we are trying to do in the M2M space,” Morawski says. “The exciting thing about the M2M space is that it’s a rapidly evolving space with high-growth potential. My experience in creating partnerships with carriers and developing solutions enabled by technology for multinational corporations will help guide the M2M strategy for Vodafone through the creation of new go-to market models. It will also help us to take a holistic view of a customer’s communications needs as opposed to only a view of their strategies relating to mobility.”

In his opinion, that complete view helps Vodafone work with customers to develop solutions that essentially fit into their entire technology ecosystem. Such a multi-dimensional approach gives the company a unique view of a customer’s business and what it is they are ultimately trying to achieve. Beyond this intangible, it still comes back to the core set of fundamentals from Vodafone that drive its approach to M2M. In essence, Morawski believes it’s the high-level factors that continue to separate the company from the pack:

  • One Global Network and Global SIM (subscriber identity module)
    Having a large, fully owned global mobile network (representing more than 30 countries), along with a partner and affiliate program (representing more than 50 countries) allows the company to offer compelling and competitive commercial contracts with a high quality of service.
  • Global M2M Platform
    By designing and developing its own M2M Connectivity Platform, Vodafone owns the intellectual property and fully controls the roadmap. Contrast this against mobile network operators that use third-party platforms, and the competitive advantage becomes clear. In search of that seamless experience, such a platform can help companies manage their M2M deployments on a global basis in a secure manner, offering full authentication and access controls. Enabling authorized users to access information through a self-service portal empowers the customer on multiple levels.
  • SLA and Global Support
    One interface for customers with more than 250 dedicated staff worldwide gives customers unlimited options for ensuring their product and service never goes “dark” when customers are in need of critical answers.

Add in the more than 50 partner networks and dedicated vertical market services offered by Vodafone, and it creates a compelling argument for working on all levels in order to reinvent the customer experience. Vodafone’s M2M leadership and value to customers are recognized by Machina Research. In its annual M2M CSP (communication service provider) benchmarking study, Machina Research placed Vodafone as best global M2M player for the second year running.

Just ask India-based Mahindra. Founded in 1994, the REVA Electric Car Company was launched as a joint venture between the Maini Group of Bangalore and AEV LLC of USA. Carrying global patents in energy management, remote diagnostics, and battery management, the company came to market with the REVA electric vehicle in Bangalore in 2001, and in London three years later branded as the G-Wiz.

The company is a part of the $15.4 billion U.S.-based Machindra Group Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. that has formed a partnership with Vodafone in India. Under the strategic partnership Vodafone will provide M2M services that help to connect the Mahindra Reva’s e2o electric vehicle. Morawkski describes it as “the first truly connected car to be launched in India, and among a select few in the world to support telematics.”

e2o owners can check the state of charge in the battery of their car, remotely control its air-conditioning, lock or unlock doors, and find the nearest charging stations, among other tasks, all via a connected device like a tablet. The e2o additionally automatically alerts on any safety features not being fulfilled, such as a door being left unlocked, or a parking brake not applied. Applicable to this experience is the use of M2M services for connectivity. The services help provide a holistic customer experience around the ownership of an electric vehicle.

That consistent experience can be perhaps the most critical part of getting more drivers on board with the idea of electric vehicles. Without a partner that has the vision and direction to make this work on a global scale, expectations would most certainly fall short. It all comes full circle back to the consistent customer experience. Now it’s time to go global with confidence by selecting the right partner such as Vodafone.

For more information, visit http://m2m.vodafone.com

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